I am an experienced software engineer with a diverse background, ranging from academic research in quantum physics and materials science to the development and management of cutting-edge generative AI products within the industry.

During Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo, I focused on the experimental study of low-temperature physics, specifically superconductivity in ionic-liquid gated 2D materials. After completing my doctorate, I joined RIKEN AIP’s molecular informatics team for a brief postdoctoral period. I later joined Prof. Andrea Young’s group as an Elings Prize Fellow at University of California Santa Barbara, where I studied quantum transport properties in twisted bilayer graphene. My Ph.D. and postdoctoral research made significant contributions to the comprehension of transport properties in various 2D quantum materials, with key findings published as a lead author in multiple high-impact scientific journals including Science and Nature, Nature Physics.

Currently, as CTO at DATAGRID, I play a crucial role in the development and multiple-team management of various generative AI-based SaaS products, such as Anomaly Generator for generating synthetic images, kitemiru for virtual try-on, and drug discovery/chemoinformatics AI service. My diverse background in both natural science and software engineering allows me to effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities in these interdisciplinary fields.

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